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NEWTON College was the best rated private college in the Czech Republic in the years 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2015/2016.

NEWTON College is a private institution of higher education accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, with a focus on modern education for management, psychology and economics. NEWTON College endeavours to be one step ahead of other universities and thus provides its students an advantage over their peers. Studies combine theoretical lectures, practical workshops (seminars), managerial training and internship programs in renowned companies. NEWTON College offers options to study in Brno and Prague.


NEWTON College was the best rated private college in the Czech Republic in the years 2011/12 , 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2015/2016.

Studies are closely interconnected with projects from a practical business environment. Do not expect any mindless cramming of facts and definitions at NEWTON College. The lectures and seminars are taught in small groups, which strengthens the ties between students and lecturers. The lecturers are respected professionals from companies or governmental organizations. One such example is the Head of the Department of Economics and lecturer for several courses, Prof. Vladimír Tomšík, who is also the Vice-president of the Czech National Bank. NEWTON College not only provides its students with a bachelor’s/master’s degree, but also two other valuable certificates: the Certificate of Completed Managerial Training and the Certificate of Practical Internships. These certificates have become an important part of the professional profile of our graduates.


NEWTON College offers study course completely in the English language: Global Business and Management (full-time, part-time). Another courses are offered only in the Czech language. If you are interested in studying in the Czech language, we offer Individual Study Plan for Foreign Students with a Low Level of Czech Language Skills


An integral part of all study programmes is a practical internship

During the whole course of your studies at NEWTON College you will participate in practical internships which will help you get ahead of your competitors. Along with your academic degree you will obtain the Certificate of Practical Internships which will became a part of your professional profile, and this will also provide you with an advantage over your peers.


Erasmus program

NEWTON College has signed partnership agreements with 20 foreign colleges and universities within the Erasmus program. Students have an opportunity to study abroad for maximum one calendar year. The same applies for foreign students of partnership universities who decide to study at NEWTON College. NEWTON College for Erasmus students.


Science and Research

In 2013, NEWTON College gained the status of a research organization, which indicates that the College is active not only in the educational sphere, but also in the area of science and research. The College hosts annual conferences within the framework of the European Business Forum, competitions for the best publication, workshops, colloquia, student specialist competitions etc. The College has been releasing the scientific peer reviewed journal “Scientia et Societas” for a long period. NEWTON College has an internal grant agency which supports interesting research projects. The employees of the College endeavor to win projects announced by important national and international grant agencies. They are also authors of inspiring treatises, publications and books. They actively cooperate with both Czech and foreign academic and research institutions.


Information Package


On-line Application Form is available here

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Mgr. Nikola Konečná

Student Affairs Department

Tel. 542 513 410




NEWTON College, a. s.

Rašínova 2

602 00 Brno

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NEWTON College, a. s.

Václavské náměstí 11

110 00 Praha 1

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