Study Programme: Global Business and Management

Study course completely in English language!

Global Business and Management

The most comprehensive study programme in the Czech Republic preparing students for a managerial, entrepreneurial or business career! You can choose part-time/full-time, language of study could be Czech/English.


Programme Content:

The study programme “Global Business and Management” focuses on preparation for managerial positions and on mastering the skills and competences necessary for the start-up of one´s own business. The programme combines theoretical university-style instruction with practical seminars, managerial training and practical internships in a real corporate environment. Special emphasis is put on education leading towards the managerial way of thinking, as well as on the permanent need for personal development of the entrepreneur – manager.


What knowledge, skills and abilities you get?

  • economic education corresponding bachelor study
  • knowledge of global trends in business, management of companies and institutions
  • knowledge of corporate financial management disciplines and international companies
  • principles of project and systems thinking and the ability to apply them in practice
  • the ability to analyse the business environment
  • communication and presentation skills
  • the ability of teamwork and management skills for leadership and team motivation
  • management of corporate systems
  • the ability to make economic and financial decisions and analyse their outreach
  • an analytic approach to problem solving and the choice of optimal procedures
  • the ability of critical thinking and continuous development of professional knowledge
  • ability to access, sort , and use information to achieve goals


Career opportunities after successful completion of the bachelor programme Global Business and Management

Graduates of Bachelor's degree programme can apply for positions in middle management in the field:

  • economics and corporate finance international companies
  • international business
  • Human Resource Management
  • marketing communication
  • project management
  • independent entrepreneurship


An integral part of all study programmes is a practical internship

During the whole course of your studies at NEWTON College you will participate in practical internships which will help you get ahead of your competitors. Along with your academic degree you will obtain the Certificate of Practical Internships which will become a part of your professional profile, and this will also provide you with an advantage over your peers.


Study plan

1. semester

2. semester

Psychology for managers


Philosophy for managers

Mathematics and Satistics

Foundations of Law

Academic Year Project I.

Foreign Language I. – English




Enterprise theory

Commercial Law

Integration of EU

Foreign Language I. – English

Specialization: Applied statistics


3. semester

4. semester

Human Resource Management

Financial Accounting

Corporate Economics


Public finance, tax administration

Foreign Language I.– English

Foreign Language II.

Specialization subjects: International trade


Foundations of Economic Analysis

Accounting for Managers and Controlling

Strategic Management


Foreign Language I. – English

Foreign Language II.

Specialization subjects: ICT Applications for Managers



5. semester

6. semester

Project Management

Financial Management

B.A. Thesis

Work placement

Specialization subjects: Crisis management



International management and globalisation

Financial Markets

Fundamentals of economic policy

B.A. Thesis





We offer this field of study in English language as well. The school-fees for one academic year will be 119.000 CZK.


On-line Application Form is available here

Application Form is available here (pdf)


Information Package



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Student Affairs Department

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